10 Major Home Security Mistakes You Must Avoid – Part 2


6.Making keys easily accessible

Surprisingly or not, many people still leave their keys under the doormat, in fake stones or inside hollow garden figurines. Thieves can spot the not particularly good hiding places super easily and quickly. A similar mistake is to leave the garage door remote and keys in your car. In this case, you are in for double trouble. You have to keep all your home keys with you at all times. When you are at home, you should store them in places which are hard to find.

7. Having a dark and bushy garden


Such gardens are not only unsightly. They attract burglars like magnet because it is super easy to sneak in the dark and to hide in the shades. You have to trim all trees and bushes on a regular basis along with mowing the lawn. The fence, the doors and the areas next to the ground floor windows have to be well lit. You can use permanent lights or sensor lights for higher energy efficiency.

8. Allowing for gaps in the functioning of security systems

Sometimes, you do not feel like turning the burglar alarm on when you go next door to pick the kids up. Similarly, you can forget the switch the CCTV system recorder on when you leave for the weekend. Such seemingly small mistakes can compromise the security of your house completely. You must ensure that the alarm system and the CCTV system are on and working perfectly at all times. Just make it a habit to check them when you leave the house. You have to provide proper care and maintenance and repair, when needed, as well.

9. Bragging about your travel plans online

You are super excited about an upcoming trip and you share this with your friends on Facebook or with your buddies on the World of Warcraft forum. That way, you are literally sending an invitation for thieves to visit your house when you will be away. They do keep an eye on the social networks and forums so you have to watch out. The best protection measure is to keep your plans for yourself.

Arlo_Wire-free_HD_Smart_Home_Security_Camera (1)

10. Relying on a guard dog

It is a common misconception that every dog is a living burglar alarm. Real guard dogs are actually specially selected from certain breeds and extensively trained to do their job. There is never guarantee that your house pet will be up to the task. That is why you should install a burglar alarm and a home CCTV system.

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10 Major Home Security Mistakes You Must Avoid


Do you think that you have the best protection from thieves? You may actually have a much lower level of house security than you think. Discover some of the main home security mistakes made by people and learn how to avoid them.

1. Leaving doors and windows open

This is perhaps the biggest mistake which people are aware of but keep making. You leave the door open to run to the car or the back window open on a hot summer’s day while you dine in the other room. No thief will ever miss such an opportunity to steal something small but valuable. Thieves are always watchful and you should be that way too. Keep doors and windows closed and preferably locked unless you have good visibility of them.


2. Leaving tools and equipment outside

Burglars are super vigilant and will not miss out an opportunity to break into your house. When you leave a ladder outside, you simply invite them to enter through the second floor window. When you leave gardening or repair tools outdoors, you literally invite thieves to open the door and get inside. Keep all equipment and tools securely locked in your garage, in your house or in a strong garden shed at all times.

3. Hiding CCTV cameras

Many people think that the cameras of their home CCTV system must be hidden so that burglars cannot switch them off. This is a mistake because burglars are actually deterred by the CCTV cameras. The idea is not to hide them but to make them difficult for burglars to reach and mess with. For this, they need to be placed high above the ground outside and right under the ceiling indoors.

4. Making your alarm system control panel clearly visible from outside

Thieves will use any method for getting into your house and when the alarm system control panel is clearly visible, you are literally opening the door for them. The panel should not be close to windows or doors with clear glass panels. They should not be near mirrors either. You have to ensure that the image of the panel will not be reflected in any way.

5. Using dummy CCTV cameras instead of genuine ones


The use of a fake CCTV system for deterring thieves is like using a scarecrow for scaring birds away. It simply does not work. Thieves can recognise fake CCTV cameras. Even if the dummies are extremely well designed, the professionals will rely on observation to see if there is actually a CCTV system in place. It is best if you use the real thing to get the highest level of security.

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Our Favorite Home Automation System

home automation review banner

It seems as if these days no one is happy with your standard home alarm system.  In the 1990’s it went from wired security systems to all wireless, which was a big improvement.  Now home owners didn’t have to take down their house to install one.  Then in the 2000’s along came a key fob remote which allowed you to turn on and off the system without touching the keypad.  Then smartphones came out which have revolutionized the world including the home security industry.  No longer are people wondering how to uninstall junky wired systems, they are now wondering how they upgrade from wireless systems to full home automation systems.

Understanding the Movement


First of all you must realize the convenience that controlling a home security system from your phone gives users.  Now you can be on a date and watch what is going on via the security cameras.  You don’t have to wonder how that baby sitter is doing.  Maybe you forgot to turn off the air conditioner so you can do that remotely via the smart home automation system.  With a few taps on the smart screen phone you can quickly cover that.

This new revolution of smart security does it all with ease and comfort at a relatively good price.  This used to be a feature only those who were rich in mansions could afford and now anyone making an average income can do this.  It is smarter to get this in place and stay on top of your home’s security then after a burglary has taken place and you find yourself backtracking.  Here at Railtecc.com, we want to inform our users of the service we use which is Vivint.

Vivint Home Automation Reviews

You can go with several companies out there but the one we recommend to our users and that we use ourself is the Vivint automation service.  Here are a few reasons why we like it:

  • You can use and control it with your phone
  • Save yourself energy by using the thermostat
  • Control your lights when away from home
  • Check on the house with several different camera options
  • Save money on your home owners insurance

The list can go on and on, we found most of these facts on Alarm-Reviews.net Vivint security system page.  We recommend going more in depth on their reviews or talking to a current Vivint customer before jumping on board.  You should know that the price is $50 or more a month and that you are agreeing to a long 3-5 year obligation.  However, after testing it for some time around our business we found it very useful.  The security system is all wireless and a professional installs it.  It may not be the cheapest home automation solution available but it works and nearly one million people have it so far.

If you do purchase a Vivint automation system after reading the Vivint reviews, we suggest you do the things above first and:

  1. Get a quote from others to make sure the pricing is fair
  2. Look into the move-with-you service terms in case you will be moving
  3. Make sure you read the contract from the start to the back.  Ask them questions that you think may come up in the near future.

These 3 tips and the ones above will keep you in the right direction with choosing the best automation system for your home.  It is not something to rush a choice on as you will continually use it day to day and year after year.

We hope you like our #1 pick for updating your home from a old wireless alarm system to a new hip home automation system.  As always, stay safe and we will continue to provide you with quality security news.


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Wireless Home Security – How To Choose The Right One


So you’ve decided to go with a wireless home security system. Now what?

The first thing you’ll notice when shopping for a wireless home security system is that there are dozens of vendors selling alarm systems. The second thing you’ll learn is that each vendor offers a number of components, and you’ll need to decide which ones fit your needs the best.

You don’t want to spend more money than is necessary, but you also don’t want to skimp on your system and have it fail to protect your home.

There are three main questions to ask when shopping for a wireless security system:

  • #1 Who are the most qualified vendors?
  • #2 What options do I need as a minimum?
  • #3 Will it be necessary to expand the system in the future?

Who Are the Most Qualified Vendors?


Do internet searches and you’ll discover there are many different vendors, but some stand out in the crowd. These are vendors that have been developing and selling home security systems for many years. Companies like ADT, Brinks and GE sell products that have been well tested and proven to work well in the marketplace.

They also have some of the longest histories in providing home security which is important since you don’t want some fly-by-night operation that’s not going to be around when you’re in trouble. You also want to verify which radio frequencies the system uses. Most security systems today do not use the same frequencies as the cordless phones or other wireless computer devices. It’s important to verify that the wireless system radio frequencies do not interfere with each other. The quality of wireless systems is also important. Alarms that send false reports to the police and fire stations can lead to hefty fines.

The major alarm companies sell UL certified products using the latest technology that reduces the chances of false alarms. Another consideration is the monitoring contract terms (if you’ll be using a monitoring service). For example, does the contract require a 3-year commitment when you want a 2-year or less? Does the company make commitments as to speed of repairs in the event the system fails to work properly?

You can also choose to install a do-it-yourself wireless system. You do the actual installation but the vendor provides installation instructions and guidance. Some vendors even provide 24 hour monitoring as well.

What Options Do I Need?

You have a lot of options available for the wireless home security system. For example, do you only need burglar and fire monitoring or is carbon monoxide monitoring necessary too? Some companies offer monitoring of propane or moisture also. You’ll need to determine where to pace door and window sensors and motion detectors. That information will determine the size of the wireless security system you need to purchase. (If you have the wireless system professionally installed, the installer can help you determine these things.)

Other options you may want to consider include glass-break sensors, latchkey paging, remote control capability, two-way intercom and one-touch keypads. You’ll also need ask if you want camera or video surveillance. In-home surveillance can be used for many purposes. Of course, it can record acts of burglary or vandalism. But the cameras are also used to monitor activities of people in the home such as elderly citizens or nannies.

The camera surveillance options include the traditional in-home camera, spy cameras that can be hidden inside objects and cameras that can transmit pictures over the internet. You can even choose whether you want black and white or color images. Other system options include motion detectors that will not react to pet movements, and motion sensors that can be turned off while keeping window and door sensors on while home.

Future Expansion?


Most of the wireless home security systems sold today are modular. That means you can add sensors, cameras or other product enhancements over time as needs change.

For example, you might start with a basic wireless system with door and window sensors and add motion detectors later.

So you have a lot of options when choosing a wireless home security system. The important thing is to educate yourself on your options and choose the system that gives you enough protection for your home and family.

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